Solving the housing crisis

I read this interesting article about some revolutionary ways to solve the housing crisis. Including building basement extensions, houseboats, prefabricated homes that can be moved into place by lorry and apartments that can slot into a rack like a drawer.

housing copy.jpg


Here's a little work in progress of Borough Station in South London


Here are some of the best spots in Brooklyn NYC for coffee and brunch, especially the chicken and waffles at Sisters near Clinton/Washington Avenues... with a mimosa or 2...


I was in Gothenburg in the autumn and made this drawing on an elegant intersection by a park, I was thoroughly charmed by the trams, the amazing colours and the architecture of the city.


I've been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places recently, Mumbai is one of my favourite's. If you're there, check out Michelle Boutique in Colaba for fantastic made to measure suits, and Copper Chimney in Lower Parel for an out of this restaurant experience (try the lamb 'raan'). Woodside Inn in Colaba is a great spot for cocktails (don't miss happy hour) and the best hotel I've ever stayed in is The St Regis in Lower Parel which is a veritable palace!  

'Experimenting With Big Data'

I'm working on this image at the moment about experimenting with big data, that is to say the large volumes of data stored out there in the electronic universe...

'Keystroke Error'

Apparently 12.200 Americans are mistakenly declared dead every year because of 'keystroke error' (typing mistakes) according to the United States Social Security Administration.  

Swiss Army Knife

A Celebration of the many things we can do with our iPhone!

Boosting Productivity

This is an illustration I did about boosting your productivity using ideas from neuroscience:

"It's really about bring highly effective for what's reasonable for a human being... a short period of time where we can really be present for what matters".                                

Josh Davis author of Two Awesome Hours

What are the European Union listening to?

I read an interesting article in Wired magazine about a 'data alchemist' called Glenn McDonald who's tasked with studying the big data generated by Spotify:

'50 million users jamming to more than 200 million songs in 1,307 different genres, that's a lot of information'

I made this illustration for it which was really fun to do!